・「新」経世済民新聞 三橋貴明 公式チャンネル【ビジネス・経済全般】

【Takaaki Mitsuhashi × Prof. Stephanie Kelton】MMT Politics


A New Book from Takaaki Mitsuhashi [Introduction to MMT]

Takaaki Mitsuhashi thoroughly explains the topic of MMT in his new book. How can MMT save Japan? Why does 90% the population hold misconceptions about money? How can Japan avoid increasing the consumption tax? ... Now is the time to acquire a clear understanding of MMT that is not reported on TV and news! This book is not available in bookstores. Click here for more information! ↓↓↓

Here is a video of Takaaki Mitsuhashi’s exclusive interview with Prof. Stephanie Kelton, MMT advocate. We hope to share the knowledge of MMT with as many Japanese people as possible. You can watch the video and check the truth yourself. Click here for the video of this important discussion! ↓↓↓

Part1/ Overview of MMT, Modern Monetary Theory

Part2/ MMT & Mystery of Japanese Economy

Part3/ MMT Politics



-・「新」経世済民新聞 三橋貴明 公式チャンネル【ビジネス・経済全般】

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