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Web Frameworks: SEO Mythbusting


In this fifth episode of SEO Mythbusting, Martin Splitt (WebMaster Trends Analyst, Google) and his guest Jason Miller (Sr. Web Developer Programs Engineer, Google) discuss the challenges of web frameworks in the context of SEO, such as:
Do search engines run JavaScript? (1:28)
How to debug your site’s discoverability issues with the new Google Search Console features? (2:39)
Which features can one count on being available in the Google crawlers? (4:17)
For websites built using web frameworks, does Google Search pick up on push-dates, and under what conditions? (5:10)
Is content accessible by onclick event handlers & buttons indexable? (7:30)
How can you make your content easily discoverable if you use infinite scrolling? (9:45)
SEO troubleshooting for websites driven by web workers (11:06)
Is there much of a difference between framework sizes and approaches for how those get crawled? (12:39)

Documentation mentioned in this episode:
Mobile-friendly test →
Lazy loading in search →
Crawl budget →

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